The Fratorialist

Anonymous asked: who's the person behind the fratorialist?

This guy.

Little Brother Encore.

Little Brother Encore.

goodolddelta asked: Why do you even answer those ass clowns? Keep on frattin' man

Anonymous asked: You know, a real gentleman wouldn't need to respond to stupid comments bragging about how he had sex with his girlfriend to defend his sexuality. I think you are a bit of a homophobe. Its just a costume for you I guess.

Oh, God, you found me out!

Anonymous asked: Oh you went and had sex with your dates. Sorry, I didn't realize your boyfriends weren't allowed in your group photo. Too bad. I bet you all look cute together. Are you a top or a bottom? I assume bottom since you look like a fairy boy.

Looks like someone didn’t get a bid.

Anonymous asked: Did you guys all take off your clothes and fuck hard after that last photo? It totally looks like the precursor to a male orgy. I bet that tall guy in the middle with the madras pants just bent over and let all the other guys demolish his asshole.

Yeah, dude.

Or we all got super fucked up and went to Poundtown with our dates because it was Spring Formal.

Fuck yourself.

Do it big.

Do it big.